Do You Work With Children? Wade Into The Educating World Of Aquariums

Posted on: 10 June 2015

Aquariums are far more than just a place to hold some pretty fish and brighten up a business office. If your business involves families and children, an aquarium can provide a variety of emotional, educational and stimulating opportunities for those children.


Fish tanks provide a plethora of ways to help children learn. Biology, ecology, physics and chemistry can all be taught informally by means of aquariums and their inhabitants. From a simple project like determining if larger living spaces produce larger fish to a discussion of complex ecology systems, nearly any science can be highlighted by means of a simple fish tank.

Depending on the fish and plants you choose in the aquarium, you can highlight different aspects of science. By using native fish, you can teach children about local wildlife and climate. Coral farming projects help teach kids about the global environment and conservation. Aquarium owners looking to get children involved in science and community interaction can find many resources from non-profit organizations like the Coral Restoration Foundation or Heal the Bay for both in-office and volunteer opportunities. 


Reading and writing about the aquarium can also give children a welcome outlet for expressing themselves. There are endless subjects in which nearly all age levels can participate. Provide additional non-fiction books on aquarium subjects that are appropriate for all reading levels. Some children's fiction books with a fish-related theme teach children life skills such as finding inner beauty, working together or appreciating diversity. 

To help teach children writing skills, select a fish-related theme and have children write their own stories or present them to other children. Older children may be able to research conservation or science topics, providing preparation for school activities. 

Diversion and Calming

Studies have shown that watching fish often has a calming effect on people in stressful situations, including lowering blood pressure and tension. The movements and colors in an aquarium can calm children with attention deficit disorders or learning disabilities. If possible, arrange for some client families and children to participate in maintaining the tank or to work with the fish to bring a sense of pride and tranquility to children at higher educational levels. 

Whatever your business is, it is likely to be able to benefit from having an aquarium. But businesses catering to families may be able to benefit even more so due to an aquarium's ability to benefit children through learning, expression and behavioral aids. If this interests you, contact a custom aquarium designer


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