The Pet Owner's Guide To Grooming The Finicky Cat

Posted on: 14 September 2016

Some cats love being brushed and groomed. Others balk and may even hiss when you come at them with a brush. But it's still important for these cats to be groomed in order to prevent matted fur and skin conditions. Here are some tips to help you groom your finicky cat.

Choose a softer brush

There are many kinds of cat brushes. The kinds with wire bristles and plastic bristles may be effective, but they also rub more aggressively against a cat's skin than the soft-style brushes with flexible, thin bristles. If you're not sure which brush will work for your cat, purchase a couple and give them each a try. They're typically only a few dollars each.

Make sure your cat does not have any skin conditions that are making him sensitive

While some cats just have sensitive skin, others' skin may be sensitive because they have fleas, mites, or an autoimmune condition. The next time your cat is feeling friendly, stroke him and pay careful attention to the feeling of his skin and hair beneath your hands. Do you feel any rough patches or scabs? Are there sections where hair is thin or falling out? If so, you may want to schedule an appointment with a vet to get to the bottom of what's making your cat uncomfortable. Afterwards, he may not be so fussy about grooming.

Aim for short sessions

It's okay if you don't get through your cat's whole coat at once. Just do a few strokes every day, slowly working your way around the cat over a period of a week. Then, start over again. At the end of each session, give your cat a treat so he comes to associate grooming with treats. You may notice be becomes more accepting of grooming over time.

Consider using a detangling spray

Look in your pet store for a detangling spray just for cats. (Don't use one for humans as it may not be safe if your cat licks it.) Spray it on every few days, and your cats hair will form fewer tangles. This way, when you do brush, it won't be so painful for your cat. You can probably also get away with brushing your cat less often if his hair is being kept tangle-free with a spray.

It grooming your finicky cat is too challenging, consider hiring a professional groomer to clean him up for you every now and then. For more information, contact companies like Petland of Crystal Lake.


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