Making Your Custom Fish Tank Part Of Your Home Design

Posted on: 23 January 2017

Keeping fish is relaxing and is a wonderful way to add a focal point to your home that visitors will enjoy as well. It has long been said that watching fish in an aquarium is a great way to relax, and with all the colors, species, and behaviors different fish bring to the tank, it is easy to get lost in the underwater world. If you plan your tank out, you can create a custom fish tank that can become part of your home and complement it as well.

Choosing a Tank Size and Style

Before you can even begin to consider fish, plants, or accessories to put in your tank, you need to consider the location you will put the tank in. It should be out of the direct sunlight but have enough room around it for people to be able to view the fish inside. The size of the tank will be decided to some extent by the size of the room and where you will put it in the room. Take the time to measure the space and consider all your options before heading off the pet supply store to pick out your tank.

Creating the Environment for Your Tank

There are some choices you will need to make about the environment before you get too far into setting up a tank. One thing you need to consider is if you will be creating a freshwater tank or a saltwater tank. The fish available for a freshwater tank far outnumber those available for salt water, but the salt water species are much brighter colored and can really make your tank vibrant. Keep in mind that maintaining a saltwater tank is much harder and takes a lot more time if you want it to thrive.

Choosing Fish and Plants for Your Tank

There are so many fish available to add to your tank, but unless you know which ones are okay to put in the tank together, take the time to research or talk to the fish specialist at your local pet supply store. Some fish will fight violently with others, and you do not want to put them in the same tank. Also, consider live plants for your tank if you can. They create a much nicer environment for the fish and give it a more natural feel. Live plants can actually reduce the stress for the fish and reduce the loss of fish in your tank over time.

Adding Lights and Decor

Some people love a tank filled with accessories for the fish, but the truth is, those accessories are less about the fish and more about the people picking them out. A fish will hide under a log or in a plant in nature, not in a little sunken house or behind a treasure chest. If you want to have some of those kinds of things in the tank, it can create a nice theme, but don't overdo it with too many items. Adding a light is nice too, but opt for a softer light that doesn't add too much heat to the tank. The heater will maintain the water temperature, and a light that gives off a lot of heat can make it tough to regulate that, causing fish to die from being overheated.


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