Looking To Install A Cat Fence Gate? Factors To Consider Before Making A Purchase

Posted on: 1 November 2017

If you have a cat, you may have or may be installing a cat fence. A cat fence allows you to let your cat outside without being fearful of your cat escaping or getting away. Many people place the fences around just their patio or other small spaces, since cats don't need much space. But you can enclose yourself into this space if your fence does not have a gate. A gate allows you the ability to enter or exit the fenced in area. If you are looking to install a cat fence gate to an already installed cat fence or when installing a cat fence, there are a few factors you need to consider. Here are those factors. 

The Width of the Gate

One of the most important factors to consider when picking a gate for a cat fence is how wide you want the gate to be. If you simply want to walk in or out of the fenced in space, you may need a gate that is only the size of a regular door, or about three feet in width. However, if you are going to need to bring a lawnmower into the space or want to bring in patio furniture or other large items, you may need a larger width for your gate. Always think about what will be coming in and out of the gate door when selecting a width. 

The Locking Mechanism

Another important factor to consider when selecting a gate for your cat fence is the locking mechanism. Some gates have a latch system, some have a sliding lock and some have a handle on the gate that looks like a door knob and lock system. If you have kids that you want to keep out of the gated area, a latch system that is up high may work perfectly. But if you want your kids to be able to let the cat in and out of the gated area, you may need a lower locking mechanism. 

How Gaps Are Closed Off

The last factor to consider when selecting a gate for your cat fence is how the gaps between the door and the gate are closed off. Some gates have protection bars to close off these gaps, while others do not use anything to close off the gaps. If you have a large cat or an older cat, they may not try to squeeze through these gaps, so this may not be a big deal. But if you have a young, curious cat that is thin, you will want something that closes off these gaps so your cat won't escape. 

If your cat enjoys going outside, but you are afraid of them getting lost, you may be installing a cat fence to keep them confined while outdoors. Installing a gate on the fence allows you to easily enter or exit the fenced in area. Paying attention to the above factors will help you select a cat fence gate that is ideal for your fenced in area.  


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