Use Live Rocks To Protect Your Classroom Saltwater Aquarium

Posted on: 29 June 2019

Your classroom needs a little something different to add a touch of color and decoration to its design. A saltwater aquarium is a great choice, and your students are likely to love it. However, you need to make sure that you add a live rock or two to ensure that the aquarium is properly managed and healthy.

Difficulties With Saltwater Aquariums

While a good saltwater aquarium is a huge benefit for your classroom – providing your students with a relaxing place to visit during tough times and many educational opportunities – these aquariums can also be tough to manage if you aren't careful. This can be a huge problem for a classroom setting.

For example, a saltwater aquarium needs a large amount of filtering to ensure that the fish are healthy. Without this filtering, your students may come to class and find their favorite fish is floating on the surface. This traumatic situation is one that is not hard to avoid if you know what you're doing.

Unfortunately, you may not have the time to provide the kind of intensive and regular filtering that your aquarium needs. After all, it sits in your classroom and you'll be away from it for many hours every day and on the weekend. Thankfully, live rocks can help keep the tears away by protecting your fish from waste damage.

How a Live Rock Helps

A live rock can help out your saltwater aquarium by providing the kind of high-quality filter that it needs to avoid excessive waste. In essence, a live rock is what it sounds like – a bit of rock that has living elements, like bacteria and algae, to help break down this waste in a beneficial and meaningful way.

Just as importantly, a live rock is a great decorative element that makes your aquarium look more attractive. Basically, these rocks will create a more alive and natural look to your aquarium that can make viewers feel like they are more involved in the natural environment.

When choosing a live rock, make sure that you consult your aquarium manual and your owner's guide to the fish in your tank. Not every fish will respond in the same way to certain types of live rock, which is why you need to understand the best types for the majority of the fish in your tank.

And once you have installed your live rock, make sure that you occasionally clean it off or replace it as time passes. With the use of these high-quality rocks, you can not only create an attractive and calming aquarium for your classroom but ensure that the fish inside have a healthy life.

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